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www.paydayloanhelp.org :: There are many companies that allow for payday loans, both retail and online. With the retail business model, you must go into a store that has a payday lending service. For security purposes, you must write a post dated check for the full amount of the loan plus any fees that the lender charges. Once your next paycheck is issued, you must return to pay the balance or the lender will cash the check. With the retail model you are usually getting no fax loans, but you might have to deal with crowds, waiting and calls to your place of business to check on your employment.

With recent innovations, it has become possible to apply for payday loans online. No longer do you need to worry about waiting around or getting background checks. It is quick and easy; all you need is a checking or savings account with direct deposit. Once you have applied and have been approved, you will receive the money as soon as the next day. While the loan will still be due on your next payday, you do have the option to extend it by paying off part of the interest and half of the loan. You also have the option of paying off the loan early. By doing this you may also get a partial reimbursement on the interest you have accrued.

There are a lot of companies, both online and off, that have payday lending services. This can make it difficult to find one that is right for you. If you are looking online, it is good to find one that can give you no fax loans. Also, no matter what service you go with you will be charged fees. Usually, you will pay between $15 and $30 for every $100. Any more than this and you should look elsewhere. A reputable company will tell you as much and also warn you that this kind of loan should only be used for emergency purposes. It is not meant for spending cash.