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When I was on much tighter budgets I swear that my old cars knew when I had money in the bank or a bit of a budget surplus. They would break down just because they could and I would have to use my extra money to pay to have the vehicle fixed. When this sort of thing happens all it takes is one or two more financial fluctuations to leave you short of cash. We all know that “things happen in 3s”.

A very current complication is that the banks are rolling back lines of credit and credit card limits. This is a complication that takes away one of the standard ways of solving short term cash flow problems. You may have no savings and now your old standbys are taken away.

At the same time, institutions are adding additional service charges and increasing old service charges. NSF charges are high and you get hit by your bank and the depositor’s bank and the depositor for charges. Banks and credit card companies are charging substantial fees for going over credit limits. Some are even trying to charge that fee if your interest charge takes you over your limit. The repayment and budgeting for repayment gets harder when the fees charged can add up to hundreds of dollars.

The Payday Loan Solution:

If you are going to run up substantial charges by paying bills late, add up the charges and compare them to the cost of a payday loan. If the Payday Loan option is cheaper then it is just good business to use this because it will save you money. You will have less to pay back when you next payday arrives.

One other factor that may affect your decision in favor of Payday loans is that it is fast. If you qualify you usually have your yes or no answer in seconds and the money is in your account by the next business morning at the latest. That allows you to take care of your bills and get on with your life. At some point this may have value and may justify a percentage of the fee.